Yoga and more yoga!

I absolutely love the practice of Yoga! It has been amazing for me ever since 2010. A Naturopath energy healer, suggested it and I have been hooked since my first class. I am in the process of getting my certification because I want to be able to share this practice properly. What I love most about Yoga is that I am more calm, peaceful and much less stressed as I transition.. in this stage of my life. I go at my own pace as it's not about competing with others. That's a lesson in itself! I am now stronger, much more flexible and have lot's more energy as a result of regular practice. I currently practice Vinyasa yoga and Namaste yoga. I also have a unique yoga practice that I want to introduce through this blog at a later date--DVD coming soon!  I've also added meditation to my practice and that's another topic for my next blog.  

Check out the link below, it's a bit challenging but just do what you can. Jillian Michaels is great in this intro to yoga. Enjoy!