Green drinks are great!

I have a daily regimen of green protein drinks. I use only USDA certified organic green powders, wheat grass, spirulina, beet root, maca root etc.. for my green drinks. Of course, fresh always taste better! So, if you have a juicer and a bit of time you can experience some really good live food! Check out the link below to help you get started on your green journey. I have transformed my health with these green drink regimens and you can do the same. The difficult part is just getting started, as it is an acquired taste. It does take some getting used to and you should find the results are immediate. From weight loss, to detox it's all there for you in these healthy green drinks. True super foods with super dense nutrients. Hey...I think I found the fountain of youth! I will elaborate on this more at a later time... In the mean time, let me know how it works out for you.  

Cheers to good health!