Fashion week 2014

Fashion week has come and gone for designer's showcasing their Spring 2014 collections. It was all exciting and hectic at the same time! Check out some of the shows here rebroadcast live stream from:

  However, the consumer is in full Fall 2013 fashion mode. So, what do we have to look forward to in new fashion trends and styles? Well, it's all about the jacket and the coat..of course! Summer is coming to an end and the cool night air is upon us. Check out some of the latest trends at the link below. Everything from faux fur, tweeds, hooded knits and belted trends in all price ranges. You can always pull out last years coat and style it up with a new bright belt or knit scarf. And don't forget the boots! Riding boots are still the hot item this Fall 2013. Whatever you do, relax and enjoy fashion and always, make it your own! 

Fall 2013 Shoes

from ladylike pumps to chunky-heeled men's boots, the season's best footwear is all over the map.